The future of physical events seems bleak right now as the world making a seismic shift owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual events have become our new normal, from virtual conferences to virtual trade shows and hybrid events, opportunities to reach your audiences have never been greater.

One of the driving forces behind any successful event is event sponsorship. Sponsorship opportunities for virtual events may look minimal at a glance; however, they get interesting and much more attractive to prospective buyers. 

In this article, we have put together a list of creative sponsorship and promotion ideas to host the most successful event possible!

Pay attention to messaging

Digital marketers should put themselves in the shoes of their target audience. Why should they take the time to attend this specific online event or webinar? What will be the benefit? Why is it worth it? It is important to consider what your audience needs and why it is crucial for them to attend your event, now more than ever. To ensure the right message delivered to your audience at the right time, keep the 4C’s in mind. Be clear, consistent, convenient, and compelling.

Show the value of your event

This is the first and foremost important element for an event organizer. Your potential sponsors have to see the value of your event. At the end of the day, sponsors have to get their money’s worth and you as the event organizer need to achieve tour ROI. 

Virtual events can be unchartered territories to some organizers especially with their familiarity to in-person events.  But how well do you know about virtual sponsorships?

It’s all about the experience

Attendee engagement can be fostered by adding a little fun while promoting your sponsors at the same time. Between sessions, you can hold quizzes, challenges, or competitive play to allow your virtual attendees to take a break while you highlight a sponsor. 

Sponsors can provide the game and provide prizes. It also gives them an opportunity to reach out to participants to supply them with a discount code or small gift as a way of saying thanks for playing.

Take advantage of social media

Incorporating content such as videos, blog posts and photos to promote upcoming events is a key component to increase event awareness and ultimately attendance. Event organizers should take advantage of added features and strategies as opposed to normal traditional postings. Features such as Facebook events, live streams, countdowns, and stories can boost audience engagement and overall awareness.

Using list-based posts on social media outlining the features of an upcoming event is an excellent way to show your target audience the importance of their attendance.

In your postings, include keynote speakers who are thought leaders in their industries should encourage their followers to register for their virtual event. With a chance to have a one-on-one meeting through the networking sessions. 

Paid social media promotions also increase your visibility and attendance of your event significantly as it allows you to reach beyond your followers on the platforms. 

Email Marketing

Email remains has been a great direct marketing channel. It is an effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers. 

Research shows that the success rate of email marketing is growing higher with the proliferation of the increased use of mobile phones. Email marketing has many advantages associated with it. When used properly, it can leverage sales, generate new customers, and help in their retention. 

While social networks first need to engage people so that they can become customers. You can send bulk but personalized invites through simple text-based emails with a breakdown of the speaker's profiles and program details. 


Virtual exhibition scavenger hunts

Attendees are hereby encouraged to visit and interact with virtual booths to find specific clues or answer certain questions.  The first attendee to find all items can win a grand prize package from one or multiple sponsors, or, all successful participants can be enter into a draw for a grand prize. A virtual scavenger hunt benefits everyone. It provides attendees with a bit of entertainment, highlights sponsors, and provides vendors and exhibitors with additional lead generation opportunities.

Sponsored media walls as virtual background

The background behind your presenters is a simple and subtle yet highly effective way to integrate sponsorship. Think of it like a virtual media wall and you can give your sponsors the option to design the background based on their message such as a repetitive watermarked logo or something entirely different. If you have multiple speakers you could even offer different speaker backgrounds to different sponsors based on their content.

Branded virtual rooms

Before a keynote address, a live stream, or a virtual conference session begins, the audience needs a place to wait. This digital space provides an opportunity to feature a sponsor’s logo and messaging. Depending on the length of the wait, it might also be a time to work in some of the games mentioned above. If the sponsor has short video ads or has recorded a message for your specific event, you can feature it in the waiting room.

Sponsored video ads

In addition to banner ads, event organizers can offer sponsors the opportunity to show videos. If relevant, you can show these in between presentations, before a breakout session or before a session starts.

Branding on registration pages, event apps, and Banners 

These platforms can be monetized through ad space offering additional branding opportunities for sponsors. However, be careful not to overdo them so as not to beat the overall purpose of the event.

Offer Keynote Sponsorship Opportunities

If you were hosting a physical event, part of your sponsorship package may include a session or presentation led by your sponsor. You can just as easily provide this opportunity with a virtual event.

Contrary to popular opinion, virtual events offer endless opportunities to event promotion and sponsorships. Purple Market will walk with you as you navigate your events, offering you the unharnessed opportunities yet.


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