Increase your package assets types

Often times as event owners and organizers we lack assets to sell to our investors (namely sponsors, exhibitors and delegates). We end up offering the same thing to the investors, iterate it in different configurations and then expect big returns to cover our budgets. In fact, very often we are just offering brand value.
We need to offer more beyond branding and other unquantifiable benefits. Today's event investor needs.
  • Bio Data
  • B2B networking opportunities
  • Integrated communication options
  • Foot traffic statistics
  • Modern technology deployment
  • Impactful and memorable events
  • Social media capital
The reality is as event owners and organizers, we are limited on what to deploy and the budget s to make it happen. We often have to sacrifice the best ideas o make our event successful and investors happy but they are all sacrificed when the rubber meets the road.
Purple Market strives to create value for your investors. So they stay happy, have better returns on investment and are keen to come to your event next time. But here are a few advantages Purple Market offers you.
  • Fundraising for your event (sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates)
  • Better ROI for your investors
  • Simplify investor management
  • Raise your event profile by riding on Purple Market and the individual investor social capital
  • Target investors globally
  • Entice investors to pay you faster
Purple market has partnered with various players in the market to give your investors value while giving you the opportunity to have more assets in your offering to increase investor value. And all this is at no extra cost to you as the benefits are primarily covered by the sales commission we agree on.
Amongst the partners we have worked with are DTI International, Dijito One event solutions, Jambo Africa Tours, Public Square, and many more partners to make a difference in your event.
Sign your event up and we shall get in touch to engage you further on how best we can work together.