By Martin Muigah in Event Sponsor Blogs

Jul 23, 2019

As an event sponsor, you are always looking for ways in which the event you have invested in can translate into either extra sales, more customers, or staff engagement. Here are the top three advantages of being an event sponsor:


If the brand you are sponsoring aligns with your mission it will help your brand to achieve more stature in the marketplace. Your brand will also be on show at the event with your ideal target audience. This can also be a way to realign your brand to help you attract a new demographic through the event you have decided to sponsor. By acquiring a new demographic, you can also cultivate brand loyalty by reinforcing links with an audience in attending.


This is an opportunity for your company to market internally. This can be targeted towards disengaged staff members and through this, you can realign your values as a company. As you sponsor an event you can show your staff what kind of company they are associated with and in the same light get them involved in the activities. Once your staff gets involved in the event you can be able to increase their zeal for participation in the workplace. Do not leave your sponsorship to just writing the cheque and having your name highlighted on the event marketing tools.


Online methods for lead generation are essential, especially in this digital space era. As an event sponsor you have an added advantage to interact with potential leads face to face during the event. Sponsors are given the opportunity to meet with the event attendees and capture their data. The interaction can occur during the networking party, after speaker sessions or on the booth at the event. Through this face to face engagement, you can generate new leads which will lead to sales and a new demographic for your company.


Sponsorships can be instrumental in differentiating your brand from competitors and setting you as the go-to brand.


While sponsorship can be viewed as an expensive option if one can find an alternative way of sponsoring an example from other partnerships for a smaller fee which can be more affordable and yield higher results.


Sponsorships will definitely give the marketing team new and exciting content that will be instrumental in creating brand awareness and leave a positive image of the brand in the minds of potential clients.


Sponsorships may inadvertently increase the reach of an ongoing promotional campaign. This will, in turn, boost sales of the promotional campaign and good brand awareness in the public.


Sponsorships are a great way to give back to the community and can help to increase the reputation of a given brand in the locality and the internet which can be leveraged when gauged against competitors.


Most companies negotiate to have sponsorships whereby the company will be the exclusive sponsor which will lead to high levels of exposure and will not be worried about the competitors.